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Heritage Truck Vacuum Trailer

Heritage Truck Equipment is now manufacturing custom built vacuum trailers so that we may offer you top of the line vacuum trailers at the best value for your company.
The newly designed Heritage Vacuum Trailer is the flagship of Heritage Truck Equipment's new trailer line. Standard features will include three point spring suspension, two speed crank landing legs with sand shoes, rear wedge sump with four inch loading and unloading valves, quarter inch steel barrel, heads, and baffles, as well as fully gusseted to withstand the rigors of both on and off road. Vacuum Trailer
Vacuum Trailer Tank Specifications
• 130bbl capacity
• 1/4" heads, shell, and baffle's
• Two (2) internal baffle’s
• External ring supports
• Float level indicator arrow
• 2" rear blow down line with gauge
• Rectangular tubing bumpers
• Adjustable king pin plate
• Two (2) speed crank landing legs
• Lightweight aluminum hose troughs
• Driver’s side ladder
• DOT approved lighting
• Driver's side aluminum toolbox
• 10.0 PSIG pressure / 20"Hg vacuum reliefs
• Three (3) 20” top manways
• Three (3) point spring suspension
• 11 x 24.5 radial tires with steel wheels
• Axle: Round 25,000 lbs. w/ auto slack adjusters
• One single standard paint color
• Carboline two-part epoxy interior coating
Many Custom Trailer Options Available
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