Winch Tractors

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A little more cost can add up to a lot more value.

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Heritage Truck Winch 

Heritage Truck Equipment is the leader in custom winch tractor packages for one simple reason - Quality. Customers know they are getting the very best in quality with a Heritage winch tractor.  Each truck is custom designed to your exact needs and requirements making your truck the most user friendly truck in your fleet.More...

The heart of the winch tractor is the winch itself and at Heritage we use only the best.  Tulsa and Braden winches are available in mechanical or hydraulic drive operations.  Headache racks from square tube or round pipe are custom fabricated to protect your cab and driver while offering a classy and stylish look to your truck. Winch Tractors
Winch Tractor

Custom front bumpers are available with stationary or fold-down grill guards to fit your truck.  Full width steel decking with 1/2 or full fenders are available and rear rollers in full width or frame width design to fit your application.

Winch Tractor